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Types of Weight Vests for Dogs

Most weighted vest for dogs fall into one of two main types: Vests with zippered pockets or pouches and Backpacks.However a next category entered the marketplace: A Weighted Dog Collar and Weighted Dog Harness.Pocketed weight vests typically have several pockets of numerous sizes that allow you to add or subtract as numerous things as you like. Some individuals, however, criticize the fact pocketed vests or backpack often put the weight lower on your own pets back. A weighted vests for dogs and a heavy dog harness places the weight closer to the dog's shoulders. They may also be adjusted by the addition of or removing weights. I'm not really a fan of a heavy dog collar so I won't get into much detail for this product here. My dogs comfort is my top priority. I'm that wearing weights around my neck would make me feel very uncomfortable and it must make your dog feel a similar way.

This weighted dog harness is one of its kind and really can be used by any dog. Perfect to construct all sets of your dogs muscles, including chest, neck, and shoulders, in addition to endurance. I love the soft quality double ply genuine leather that gives your K9 maximum comfort during use. This harness is not really a pitbull weight vest but could be worn by most medium to larger sized breads.