Best Dog Weight Vest

When you have a dog that is very active like our rescue labrador mix, a weight vest is an excellent way to greatly help them burn off some extra energy. This is achieved while they are playing around the back yard. When you have a dog that is overweight, a weight vest for dogs will help your friend return to a healthier weight. I take advantage of your dog weight vest especially once we play frisbee with our pouch in the back yard to make him get tired and exhausted at the conclusion of the day.

Extra energy can also make some dogs a tad bit more aggressive. The very best weight vest for dogs can help them with any behavior issues they might have. There is a superb book that will give you advise on any dog behavior issues: Caesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog 

For dogs which are only a little more anxious and hyperactive, the extra weight in the dog weight vest can help to calm them down. It's like getting an embrace from their owner! The excess weight will tire them out only a little more. It's making them calmer in situations where they would normally be anxious.

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